Maximize your yield with professional LED indoor grow lights.

Plug and Play!

Cooler than ever.

The IndoorFrost Pro

Packed with the best Meanwell Driver

Fully Dimmable

Full spectrum LED

280 actual Watt

2 Grams / Watt

2.8 µmol/J

Outstanding Design

Perfect for both vegetative and flower stage

Connectable with a Master controller

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IndoorFrost Clients Reviews

The LED fit the tent perfectly and runs extremely cool (Had the quantum board HLG 280W, which ran way hotter) and it surprised me considering this is more watt.

I can't complain about the costumer service either, it was really easy and fast, and they took time to answer every question I had.

Rasmus Nielsen (Trust Pilot)

Indoor frost pro

My light came in today the indoorfrost Pro
A couple of days earlier than I was expecting wich is always great.
Had contact with the people of indoorgrowing and the were real helpfully and made my choice a-lot easier!

Can't wait to start growing with this light

Dutch Budz (Trust Pilot)

Customer service is top class

Customer service is top class! delivery came faster than most fast and free deliveries off ebay and i must say the packaging is very safe. opened the box to find a nice typed personal message thanking me for being a customer and the build quality of the light is solid very happy

Wizard (Trust Pilot)

Great people, Great lights! I'm all in!!

B DUBB Grows

HighRoller Farms

The Eternal Frost Eco surpassed the HLG in coverage and is overall a very good light. I would not hesitate to replace the 550 r spec with these.


I’m very happy about the product and the customer support!

Great Company! I had a lot of questions before i bought my Indoorfrost,
And they answered every one very quick!
Customer support is very good, the lamp was in perfect condition when it arrived,
Once in the tent you can see what a nice product they make, before i had a MH/HPS lamp, and the temperatures were killing my garden even know i had a ton of fans inside the tent. So far i’m very happy about the product and the customer support, Great work!

Miguel B (Trust Pilot)

Awesome customer service

Awesome customer service with a very knowledgeable staff!

Scott H (Trust Pilot)