IndoorFrost Pro

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Specifications 280W fixture:

PAR: Click here to open the PPFD chart

Actual watt: 280 or 320W

Efficacy: 2.8 µmol/J

AC Input power: AC100-227V ( 200-480V Optional )

Driver:  Meanwell ELGC-300

Full Spectrum: Click here to open the spectrum chart

Connectable with 0-10V controllers

Waterproof: IP65

LED Details: 1,060 x SAMSUNG LM301H + OSRAM Deep Red 660nm


0%-100% Knob and RJ Port or with a 0-10V Controller

Specifications Exclusive 350W:

Seoul 385nm UV-A

Extra Osram 730nm Far-Red

Output display on driver

3 Year warranty

320W LED & 30W UV-A/Far Red

Options of plug:  USA & Canada, Europe, UK

Max. Ambient Temp. : 95 F (35 Celcius)

Mounting Height: 6"-12" (15.2-30.5cm) Above Canopy

Light output PPF: 780 µmol/s

Surge Protection: 6KV

Beam angle: 110 Degree

Dimensions and Weight:

Fixture Dimension: 

 66.6cm X 58.8cm X 12.5cm

17.7" X 6.67" X 4.92"

Driver Box dimension:

66.6cm X 58.8cm X 4.1cm

17.7" X 6.67" X 2.9"

Net Weight:

6.5kgs ( 14.3 lbs) Including Driver box

Always wear light reducing glasses while using our products.

This grow light is built to maximize your growth and especially for flowering.

Use the dimming option to control output power for seedlings and smaller plants.