IndoorFrost Eco

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PAR: Click here to open the PPFD Chart 

Actual watt: 280

Efficacy: 2.5 µmol/J

LED Details:

636x SAMSUNG LM301B + OSRAM Deep Red 660nm

Area coverage: 4x4 

AC Input power: AC100-227V ( 200-480V Optional )

Driver:  Meanwell ELGC-300

Connectable with 0-10V controllers

Full Spectrum Click here to open the spectrum chart

Waterproof: IP65

Options of plug:  USA & Canada, Europe, UK

Max. Ambient Temp. : 95 F (35 Celcius)

Mounting Height: 6"-12" (15.2-30.5cm) Above Canopy

Light output PPF: 700 µmol/s

Surge Protection: 6KV

Beam angle: 110 Degree

Dimensions and Weight:

Fixture Dimension: 

66.6cm X 58.8cm x 4.1cm

26.22" X 23.15" X 1.62"

Driver Box dimension:

66.6cm X 58.8cm X 12.5cm

17.7" X 6.67" X 4.92"

Net Weight:

6.5kgs ( 14.3 lbs) Including Driver box

Always wear light reducing glasses while using our products.

The IndoorFrost Series are built for 4x2 - 4x4 grow tents.

This light is built to maximize your growth and minimize your costs.

Use the dimming option to control output power for seedlings and smaller plants.