Eternal Frost Eco

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The right solution for your growing environment

Precise solutions geared specifically for the unique light spectrums and space requirements of indoor, vertical farm, and greenhouse environments.

Turn square feet into acres for your grow all while having control of any environment. Regardless of the grow environments IndoorFrost grow lights are geared towards efficient indoor cultivation, razor thin and designed to run cool, and have a slim form factor.

Grow fast and smart with our lighting solutions.

The Eternal Frost Eco LED makes an ideal replacement light source to a traditional HPS or CMH grow light.


PAR: Click here to the open the PPFD Chart

Actual watt: 640W


Light Output PPF: 1470 µmol/s

Efficacy: 2.3 µmol/J 

Driver:  Meanwell HLG-600H or Inventronics EUD-600 

Full Spectrum Click here to the open spectrum chart 

Input: 100-277Vac 50/60 Hz

Options of plug:  USA & Canada, Europe, UK

LED Details: 1,200 x LUMILEDS 3030 2D & Osram 660nm deep red

Dimmable: 30% - 95% dimming & RJ14 port

Warranty: 5 Years, 7 years with Meanwell Driver

Dimensions and Weight: 

Fixture Dimension: 111.4cm X 111.4cm X 11.1CM (43,89" X 43,89" X 4.37")

Driver Box Dimension: 45cm X 17cm X 7.4cm (17,7", X 6,67" X 2.9")

Fixture Net Weight: 12.5kgs (27.5 lbs) Including Driver Box

Plugin cable will be automaticly handled for your country.

Always wear light reducing glasses while using our products.