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IndoorFrost stands for Quality with innovative and productive horticulture solutions.

Increase your harvest Quality

Harnessing and controlling light gives you the ability to enrich your plants’ cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles to produce the best possible yield, flavor, and potency.

Not only are operating costs lower, but the ability to provide optimal light year-round creates a more predictable revenue stream, while higher quality commands a higher margin.

Precise solutions geared specifically for the unique light spectrums and space requirements of indoor, vertical farm, and greenhouse environments. Turn square feet into acres for your grow all while having control of any environment. Regardless of the grow environments IndoorFrost grow lights are geared towards efficient indoor cultivation, razor thin and designed to run cool, and have a slim form factor. Grow fast and smart with our lighting solutions.

Indoor growing

Efficient indoor cultivation requires sole-source lighting in order to control all environmental aspects.

IndoorFrost Lighting equips indoor cultivators with LED grow light solutions that ensure seedlings, veg, and flowering plants alike receive the specific intensity of light they need to flourish. Options range from specific lights geared towards helping your seedlings and cuttings grow healthier with better root development to a full-cycle light that can be adjusted at each stage of the plant’s life. You can simply use the dim option to lower the light power for perfect results on the stage your plants are at that time.

Vertical Farming with IndoorFrost LED

Turn square feet into acres. IndoorFrost lights were designed to run cool and be razor-thin so vertical farmers can have their crops as close as 6” from the light. Delivering extremely high and uniform levels of PPFD so plants are producing quality flower consistently cycle after cycle.

With our foldable design, you are easy to change your lighting angle.

Safe cooling system

Quality aluminum heatsink to cool LEDs & maintain long lifespan of led grow light, no need extensive heat extractor system. and the whole casing is water proof. The surface of the light board is covered by glue so as to protect the water from the light, suitable for greenhouse use, hydroponic system.

One of the highest performing lighting sources for the future of your business

IndoorFrost provides commercial cultivators with the horticulture grow light solutions they need to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive market. As regulatory barriers fall and consumers’ options expand, the ability to consistently produce abundant harvests of premium-quality flower.

The form-factor of IndoorFrost LED were expressly designed for the needs of cultivators. With possibility of grow light for each stage from propagation to flowering.

Investmenting in innovation and medical purposes

IndoorFrost is focused on innovation, producing the most efficient grow solutions for their clients, we also provide fully customized light solutions.

Are you a licensed medical grower?

Feel free to contact us for advice and we are able to negotiate.